What to Wear : Warm Season

Ladies & Gentlemen

wear extra makeup for the camera • choose colors to complement your hair and skin tones • leave the watches and outrageous socks at home • hats, scarves, hairpieces, parasols, jewelry, boots and belts are fabulous!


bubbles, balloons, lollipops, and flowers entertain the little ones and look great on camera • outfits with logos or writing steal the show away from your child; not recommended! • bring out the inner ballerina, astronaut, princess, fireman, pilot, fairy, train conductor: costumes and period outfits are fun, fun, fun! • bare feet are never out of style • the golden rule: a tired child is a behaved child

Here are some fun ideas on what to wear and how to pair colors together! :) Based on color authority Pantone®’s warm season color report for 2014 fashions, this deliciously minimal guide offers eight simple outfits to keep you looking and feeling cool in the sunlight. You won’t have to look far to piece these great looks together – they’re comprised of solid-color basics that can be found in a single shopping trip – or even in your closet!

What to Wear Guide

1. Violet Tulip + Placid Blue

Casual and beachy! The combination of Violet Tulip and Placid Blue look stunning together. Calm, quiet, and breezy, these cool colors are perfect set against warm­tone backgrounds such as sand, wood, and sunsets. Wonderful for all skin tones and hair colors.

2. Paloma Grey + Freesia Yellow + Celosia Orange

Paloma Grey, Freesia Yellow, and Celosia Orange combine to make a bold statement sure to make everyone crave icy lemonade. This citrus­inspired summer look will make for dazzling portraits that pop even in the brightest of sunlight. The large amount of grey in each outfit keeps the orange and yellow tones from being too overwhelming.

3. Radiant Orchid + Violet Tulip

Two shades of purple and violet blend beautifully without creating too much of a “matched” look between the photo subjects. Don’t be afraid to get creative with rich, strong hues, as long as you have plenty of white and neutrals to balance it out! This purple perfection is a wonderful look for urban environments and floral settings.

4. Cayenne

Ah, Cayenne ­ a color nearly as dizzying as the summer heat! This rich red hue is not for the faint of heart, stealing the attention wherever you go and adding an explosive pop of color to your images. Recommended for urban environments, set against neutral palettes of stone, metal, and industrial areas. Cayenne is also a great accent color for photoshoots taken at carnivals, amusement parks, and boardwalks.

5. Hemlock Green + Paloma Grey

The subtle tones of Hemlock Green and Paloma Grey intermingle in these dapper vintage­inspired outfits. A perfect fit for classy white beaches, cute main street downtown areas, outdoor cafes, and farmer’s markets. Accessorize with whites and creams to complete the look. A nostalgic color combination that blends softly with the surrounding area.

6. Dazzling Blue + Freesia Yellow

The unbeatable combination of Dazzling Blue and Freesia Yellow is bright, cheerful, and fantastically photogenic. Let strong blue tones constitute the majority of the outfits while accessorizing with deliciously cheerful pops of yellow. A perfect look for almost any setting. Your photos will be colorful, summery, and bold!

7. Sand + Placid Blue + Hemlock Green

Create a look of serenity and unity by combining Sand, Placid Blue, and Hemlock Green. These colors will really shine during golden hour lighting, and look fantastic on just about anyone. Simple, casual pieces

create an outfit that’s easy to put together and looks great in front of the lens. Try keeping the lines in your clothing as simple as possible to make your faces the star of the show!

8. Celosia Orange + Placid Blue

Celosia Orange and Placid Blue combine for a colorful, casual appeal. With a single article of clothing sporting one of these strong hues, little more is needed to complete the outfit. A long skirt for the ladies and a breezy button­up for the guys is comfortable and flattering, helping you relax into your best looks for the camera.

If you have any questions, as always… feel free to ask!



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