Minimum Purchase Requirements

  Imagine you are walking into your favorite store. Got it?

OK… Now imagine that in the window you notice a sign that says, “Minimum Purchase Requirement: $200.00″…

How does that make you feel? Crummy? Don’t feel like shopping anymore? Yeah, I wouldn’t be thrilled about it either! It was after thinking about minimum purchase requirements in this way that I understood why I don’t have them…

I wouldn’t want that kind of restriction put on me, whether I was going to spend that much, or not! Just my preference, and I want to treat you the way that I want to be treated. :o) I want you to think about the amazing experience you will have or already have had, not about what you “have” to spend in order to enjoy your portrait art.


{Please excuse the phone photo... I was being lazy!}

That’s just my prerogative. :o)



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