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Blog-Featured-Image_BRP_Kim-LaneI am excited to announce that I will be featuring some pretty amazing Birth Professionals here on my blog! I hope you enjoy the interviews and getting to know local birth professionals in our area! For my very first feature, I have Kim R. Lane, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) of Home Birth Midwifery Service. I have had the pleasure of meeting Kim a couple of times at birth related events and I am thrilled to have her in our area! She is obviously a very skilled and knowledgeable midwife and LOVES what she does. (I also happen to be photographing her daughters coming birth!)

Tell me about yourself, Kim!Kim-R-Lane-CPM

Born in 1962, on March Air Force Base, in Riverside, CA… I am among the last of the baby boom generation & have entered into my 5th decade (that means I am over 50!). YES, I am really that old!! I am an Aquarian, born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. That combination fits me well! I am an “Army Brat” California girl, raised across the whole USA ~ from sea to shining sea.
I was once likened to a “Tiger being held by the Tail.” I like that! THAT is definitely ME!

I am the mother of four lovely people: three sons (Aaron, Joel & David), and one daughter (Sarah). Sarah & David were caught by midwives; David was born at home.

I am a devout Diva with an awesome wardrobe of stiletto heels to prove it. I love all things FEMININE, SPARKLY, VINTAGE & PRETTY (just go look at my Pinterest Boards!) I am a sucker for most things with glitter or that sparkle. I should have been born a redhead, but solemnly swear to remain one to my dying day (my fiery Scottish grandmothers are all in support of this effort!) I absolutely ADORE Lady Gaga, and secretly wish that I was her mother! The highlight of 2014 was going to Washington DC with my friend VA girlfriend, Portia, to see the Mother Monster’s ArtPop concert at the Verizon Center!! It was AWESOME!

As a Midwife’s Apprentice & Assistant, under the supervision of my mentor Midwives, I learned the art & skills of home birth midwifery over 5 years. As the home-schooling mother of three, and then pregnant with my fourth child during my training, my apprenticeship involved significant personal & family sacrifice. My strict commitment & dedication included self-study, hands-on experience during prenatal clinic, home visits, childbirth education classes, home & water births, and postpartum and well woman visits. All told, the number of hours committed to my training exceeded 8,000 hours, didactic & clinical.

September 1996, I completed the didactic portion of my training and went on to complete the NARM clinical requirements as a Primary Midwife under Supervision. I completed that criteria in April 1998, and proceeded to document my training and experience using the NARM Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) to apply as a NARM CPM Candidate. In February 1999, I sat for the NARM Exam and then completed the Clinical Skills Exam in April. In May 1999, I earned the NARM CPM credential. I became partners with my mentor midwife, Margie McSweeney in her midwifery practice, which she later “gifted” to me when she relocated her family to Boulder, CO. That same year, the TN Midwifery Practice Act was signed into law. A year of regulatory process later, the CPM-TN application for licensure was made available. I was licensed by the state of TN in 2002, among the first midwives in TN to carry a state license. In that same year, I was appointed by the Governor of TN to sit on the Council of Certified Professional Midwifery, serving 2 terms.

In July 2008, after attending 304 births in Memphis, TN, I decided to move my practice to Richmond, VA. My need to be closer to my family and my desire to serve more women prompted my decision. The collective birth community of the greater-Richmond area positively responded to my inquiries. It was not long before my phone & email, “lit up like the fourth of July!” Thus a new chapter in my bio had begun! In the Autumn of 2012, I moved to Charlottesville, VA to begin a new adventure at The Birth Center of Charlottesville, as a staff midwife! In August 2014, my daughter announced her first pregnancy. The thought of her being cared for by another midwife tore at my heart-strings such that I made the decision to move to HER!

In 2015, I relocated to Lehi, UT to be a first-time grand mother and I am looking forward to serving the home birth community throughout the central SLC valley. I am applying for the license LDEM to practice in Utah, having been formerly licensed in VA & TN. I am certified in Healthcare Provider BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

I am a member of:
Utah Midwives Organization (UMO)
American Pregnancy Association (APA)
Midwives’ Alliance of North America (MANA)
National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM)
North American Registry of Midwives (NARM)
Coalition for the Improvement of Maternity Services (CIMS)

Name three things that make you super happy?

Red hair, Stiletto heels, and Glitter!

Why did you choose to become a Midwife?

Because I chose to be CARED FOR by a midwife after having two very medical and impersonal birth experiences.

When my midwife lifted up my newly born daughter onto my belly, I was “called” to the profession. I just HAD to DO IT! It was an amazing experience to be empowered by my midwife… to enjoy, SO VERY MUCH, the experience of really being CARED FOR and ASSISTED in MY BIRTH!

My daughter was born in 1989. I sat for the NARM exam in 1999. I went from consumer to professional in 10 years. It was WORTH that decade!

How long have you been a CPM?

I’ve been a Midwife for 22 years in September 2015 (16 years as a CPM and 13 years consecutively licensed among three states: TN, VA, and UT).

What is your favorite part about your profession?

Feeling an unborn baby moving, as if to say, “Hi, I’m in here!” as I touch her mother’s belly!
Hearing a newly delivered mother say, “I DID IT! I can’t believe it! I DID IT!”
Seeing a new daddy crying as he catches his own baby.
Watching the pure joy in the eyes of a four year old as she holds her new baby brother!
Sliding in to my warm bed as dawn approaches, having spent the night keeping safe vigil in a lovely new family’s home.

What’s your first memory of being a CPM?

My first invitation to catch!! I remember as an apprentice when that woman asked my mentor if I could catch HER baby! She was just excited about it as I was! What a joy!

What has surprised you most about being with women?

The amazing POWER of WOMEN! It NEVER ceases to AMAZE me what WOMEN can DO… How STRONG and RESILIENT they ARE!

What do you wish other people knew about Birth?

BIRTH is… 

ALWAYS Amazing
CAN be very, VERY scary (Yes, it CAN!)
will make you laugh, cry, and become profoundly humble.

What would you say are some of your strongest beliefs about birth?

Women are extremely capable to giving birth! As social mammals, human women give birth “best” when surrounded by a small circle of “her” tribe (her most important “select” people) in the setting of her choice. Women’s bodies are amazing… how they are capable of nurturing both inside and out!

Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to be a CPM?

“The” most influential person is Janet Scoggin, CNM, the midwife who caught my daughter back in 1989. Being her client and experiencing midwifery care from the perspective of a consumer was life-changing for me. I am forever in her debt for blessing me with the “calling” to become a midwife!

The “second” most influential person, but EQUALLY important, is Margie McSweeney, RN/CPM/ RM, my midwifery mentor. For 6.5 years, Margie was “THE” example for me to emulate. She taught me the art & skills of midwifery at her elbow; then when she decided to relocate out-of-state, “gifted” her entire practice to me (save one fetal doppler which she took with her). Whenever faced with a midwife-related quandary, I ask myself, “What would Margie do?”

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Everyone is always surprised when I tell them my age. I was born in 1962… so you do the math. I very simply have “good genes” which I thank my parents and ancestors for blessing me with.

Other surprises:

I am a self-taught professional cake decorator… Yes, really!!! I will one day retire from midwifery and open a shabby-chic little “Cupcake Shoppe” in some quaint little town that needs me.

I am a Star Wars junkie and once had a cat named Ewok.

I homeschooled all four of my kids!

Maybe NOT a surprise for those who KNOW me:

If you cut me I bleed red glitter! (Not really but metaphorically!)

Stiletto heels are an essential component of THIS midwife’s ensemble!

What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a Midwife?

Midwifery truly IS a CALLING. Regardless of interest in it, regardless of how much “fun” or how “rewarding” it may seem, one is CALLED by something GREATER than it being a JOB!!

Becoming and then BEING a midwife will pull at your heart strings and then pull out your hair!! You will laugh, cry, scream, sigh, be pissed off, and be turned on! You will have hours and hours of sleepless nights and hours and hours of powerful days. You will really understand being exhausted. You will really understand being exhilarated! Midwifery can be very easily described as “Bi-Polar” !!

Your husband/partner/companion will have to be “made of steel” and equally be your “soft place to land.” I know more midwives (myself included) who are divorced/not with rather than married to/still with the same person who started their midwifery journey with them. It is the truth… just sayin’…

What would you like to see change in the birth industry over the next five years?

Federal regulation via ACA or whatever comes after it, to require insurance reimbursement for births occurring in ALL settings, conducted by whatever licensed provider the mother chooses.

More and BETTER integration/acceptance of out-of-hospital birth settings (home, birth suite, and birth center) in every community across the country.

Federal recognition of the CPM as Medicaid providers in ALL settings in ALL states.

Federal regulation within ACA or whatever comes after it, requiring all insurance carriers to include CPMs in their networks WITHOUT high liability requirements

Legal recognition of the CPM in all fifty states, with simple reciprocity requirements, as other licensed providers (doctors, nurses, etc) have, from state to state.

Respectful, professional, transparent, and seamless transition from home/birth suite/birth center birth settings to hospital during and after a transport, whatever the reason.

How would your best friend describe you?

Amazingly intelligent
Fiercely independent
Hopelessly devoted
Intensely loyal
Highly spirited

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy spending time making my new apartment a HOME.
Walking my doggie (Daisy Mae, the Basset Hound)
Working on my website (kind of an obsession)
Working out (or at least thinking about it!)
Watching a good movie

What else can you tell me about being a Midwife?

What I KNOW is that home birth is SAFE. Home birth is made SAFER with one-on-one midwifery care and a skilled attendant at the birth. Safer still when a second attendant is present to assist the first.

Home birthing families do not choose home birth because it is “trendy” or “cool” or because some celebrity says they should. Women and their partners choose home birth because its THEIR BEST CHOICE. It speaks to their sensibility, to their hearts, to their intellect, to their joy, to their minds, to their partnership, to their peace, to their spirituality, to their togetherness, to their concerns, to their interests, etc… etc… etc…

Home Birth is SAFE… otherwise I, a home birth midwife of 22 years, WOULD NOT/COULD NOT do this work. It is my CALLING, my JOB, my JOY, my HEART, my HANDS, my MIND, my SPIRIT, my SOUL, my RESPONSIBILITY, my COMMITMENT, my PROMISE… to protect mother’s and baby’s safe passage. Within that promise is the understanding that I am only the “hand-servant” through which health and life passes. I am NOT in control, as much as I might have thought I was in my early days as a midwife… I have learned life’s & death’s lessons, bitter-sweet and beautiful as they are. I, too, surrender to the power of birth.

Home Birth is NOT for everyone. But for those who choose to give birth with midwives at home, let not your hearts be troubled by the controversy of biased agendas. It has and always will be YOUR RIGHT, YOUR CHOICE where and with whom to give birth.

Where might we find you if you’re not working?

Home, or
With my daughter…
Out shopping for shoes!

Here are a few words from past clients of Kim’s….

“Kim was my midwife almost a year ago, and helped deliver my baby boy. I couldn’t imagine that day without her. She knew exactly what I needed in each moment, and I never felt alone throughout the entire labor and delivery. She was tough when I needed tough; she was encouraging when I needed someone to help push me through. After we went home with our baby, we relied on Kim many times — day and night — to help us or offer advice, and she was always there. I put my full trust in Kim, and she was everything I needed and more. I will always be grateful for the role she had in our family.” ~Sarah F.


“Kim is an angel. She was my midwife for my first pregnancy and birth fifteen years ago and since then I have thought of her at least once each day with my heart full of gratitude . Kim gave me absolutely the best care and the highest level of service I can imagine a woman could receive. She has the knowledge, the experience, the confidence, and the love to guide mothers and babies (fathers too!) safely through the sacred passage and into a beautiful, healthy beginning.

I am so happy that I chose to have a home birth and that Kim was my midwife. It was a profound, life-changing, inspiring experience, and Kim was exactly perfect in every way.” ~Annabel J.


“There are not enough GOOD things I can say about Kim… [she is] caring, dedicated, helpful, knowledgeable, and dependable. And I am difficult when pregnant, to say the least. Anything I needed, I could ask for. I could call any of them day or night and speak to [her] immediately. I have never had a medical doctor of any sort that was that available for me. I never once doubted that I had the best care possible, from testing, to getting information I needed, ordering supplies, making payments, you name it. I wish I had had [her] for the birth of my son, who was born in a hospital. His birth was good, for a hospital, medical doctor assisted birth, but the difference between my birth experience with him and my birth experience with my daughter was vast.

Being able to give birth at home, with a birth pool, my mom, partner and best friend with me was exactly as birthing should be. [Kim] gave me the best birth experience I could have hoped for, and exceeded my expectations of birthing. [This] women will support you in any way you need and give you the best birthing experience you could have!” ~Portia P.

You can connect with Kim on her website, Home Birth Midwifery Service, and here on FaceBook! :)




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