Photographers: Want to THRIVE instead of just survive?

OK, so I had been eyeing the program for a bit and I knew I really wanted it and so after convincing my hubby that it was a great idea, in October of 2012 I finally did it! ;) I haven’t looked back and regretted my decision, not once. Matter of fact, the more time goes on the more blessed I feel by my decision then.
First and foremost, the program helped me to finally realize that not only was *I* worth more, but so was my family – and taking time away from them for photography had to be worth it. I had to increase what I was making so as not to feel guilty about leaving them to do photography.
I feel AMAZING now when I have a session because I know that not only am I making what I’m worth and what it’s worth to me to be away from my family, but I am also providing my clients with a wonderful experience that they absolutely love and appreciate! Take a look at this video where one of my clients talk about their experience with me (it’s only 6 minutes long):

Leah has a way to help us really value ourselves and our talent, no matter where we are in our photography business journey. I have witnessed many of my newfound Thrive friends quit their daytime jobs to go full time into their dream of photography as their business, earn more money and be able to actually support their families. Her marketing ideas are like none other than I had ever heard or thought of (I still have plans to implement more of them in my business!).
I couldn’t speak more highly of not only The Thriving Photographer, but also Leah Remillet herself. She is an amazing, strong, brilliant and most of all, VERY loving individual. She really wants each of us to THRIVE instead of just survive. She has a heart of gold and she loves to watch our successes and celebrates in them with us. I just love her. I was able to go to The Seattle Thrive Retreat and meet her in June of 2013 and it was just wonderful. She is super down to earth and just sweet as can be. Matter of fact, I want to go to another of her Thrive Retreats because they are just magnificent. You get to connect with other like minded individuals and learn and glean from Leah, and just expound on what was already an amazing journey. I have made many fabulous friends through the Thriving Photographer, some of which are my closest friends that I now have in my life. It is just fantastic!
What questions do you have? What can I do to help you? That is what I also love about this Thrive Coach journey that I’m now on in addition to my business…. I LOVE helping others and helping others to see the beauty and talent they possess. I love helping other see in themselves, what those around them already see (also part of my photographic purpose!).

I’ll be including some bonuses that I’ve created to those that join me on a journey to THRIVE in their life. :) Those bonuses include:

BONUS 1: (2) 30 minute one on one coaching calls with me
BONUS 2: My Workflow Excel spreadsheet
BONUS 3: Surprise bonus!
BONUS 4: Plus all the bonuses that come with Thrive!
Take a sneak peek at the first chapter of The Thriving Photographer here, kick back and give it a listen (and if you like what you see use my code: “TC-Brooke Roundy” to be a part of my personal Thrive Coaching Circle and get all of my bonuses!):
Oh yeah! The program is only available for about another 24 hours!

I would LOVE to hear from you! Drop me an email at and I will get back to you soon!



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