This one goes out to all my fellow photographers.

Let me begin by telling you a little story. Not long after I started my photography business I found this thing that would eventually help me immensely in my business. And, not only did she speak to my business side, but she spoke to the mother side of me as well. You see, I didn’t “need” my income from my photography business, but I definitely need(ed) the creative outlet and I LOVE what I do. But on the flip side —– I definitely value my time with my family and taking any time away from them needs to be absolutely worth it. So, when I learned what was being offered to me, I knew I absolutely wanted what she was offering. Yes, I know, I haven’t told you who “she” is yet or what this “thing” is. I’ll get there in a minute. ;)

Have you done the math with what you are making with your business? Have you calculated what you are earning versus what you are spending on your business and then finally – what you are making per hour? My very first session I charged $80. For everything. I even included prints from a professional lab in that. And digital images. Yeah, I probably made $7 an hour —- IF that. That’s not even minimum wage right now. Would you go get a job to be away from your family for $7 an hour? No? Then why would you do it for your dream job (assuming photography is your dream job)?

Anyway, I was blessed to learn early on that I didn’t have to do that to myself and to my family. I learned that I can create a custom, boutique experience for my clients and roll out the red carpet for them, giving them an experience they will never forget, all while making it worth my time, and time away from my family.

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